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Wingert Grebing featured in San Diego Lawyer® Magazine article highlighting how San Diego’s “homegrown” firms built lasting success

San Diego Lawyer® Magazine’s October issue highlighted featured Wingert Grebing’s 55 year history as one of six “homegrown” San Diego law firms that have “not only survived, but have grown more robust and today […]

Charles Grebing, Andrew Servais and Ian Friedman obtain Court of Appeal affirmation of Anti-SLAPP ruling that dismissed claims against local law firm

Wingert Grebing’s clients represented a partner in the dissolution of a two-partner law firm.  The dissolving firm’s other partner sued Wingert’s clients alleging they made misrepresentations to him prior to and during […]

Steve Grebing Secures $2.2 Million Arbitration Award for Commercial Landlord Client Following Breach of Lease

Steve Grebing recently obtained a $2.2. million verdict for one of the firm’s commercial real estate clients.  The dispute involved the tenant’s efforts to break a long-term lease with an argument that […]

Steve Grebing Obtains $178,000 Award for Homeowner Client in Dispute Against Kitchen Remodel General Contractor

A homeowner client got into a dispute with his kitchen remodel general contractor performing work at his residence.  The homeowner was dissatisfied with the work of the general contractor, and demanded the […]

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