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Charles Grebing and Andrew Servais Prevail at Trial on Behalf of Local Firm

A local firm was sued by its client following its representation of the client in a lengthy trial and appeal involving a dispute between members of a LLC.   The Plaintiff alleged the […]

Andrew Servais Successfully Defends Local Law Firm in Arbitration

A television producer sued Andrew’s client for malpractice and fraud arising from a failed federal lawsuit ending in Rule 11 sanctions against Andrew’s client and the Plaintiff.  The Plaintiff sought an 8-figure […]

Alan Brubaker & Ian Friedman obtain favorable settlement for client injured in horseback riding accident

Alan Brubaker & Ian Friedman represented a novice horsewoman who was thrown from a horse and severely injured her ankle during a horseback riding lesson.  The firm’s client signed a waiver and […]

Andrew Servais and Charles Grebing obtain award of over $50,000 in attorney fees and costs on behalf of local law firm

Wingert Grebing’s client represented numerous plaintiffs in three lawsuits in federal and state court against developers and promoters of a hotel which sold its rooms as profit generating condo units.   Following dismissals […]

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